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AWWA C200 : Steel Water Pipe 6 inches and Larger
ASTM A53 : Welded Steel Pipes
ASTM A252 : Welded Steel Pipe Piles
ASTM A139 : Electric Arc Welded Steel Pipes
BS 534 : Steel Pipes and Specials for Water and Sewage
BS 3601 : Steel Tubes for Pressure Purpose
JIS G3444 : Carbon Steel Tubes for General Structural Purpose
JIS G3457 : Arc Welded Carbon Steel Pipes
JIS A5525 : Steel Pipe Piles
TIS 427 : Electrically Welded Steel Water Pipes
MWA : Metropolitan Waterworks Authority of Thailand
PWA : Provincial Waterworks Authority of Thailand
RID : Royal Irrigation Department of Thailand
EGAT : Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand

External Coating / Wrapping to international standards
such as AWWA, BS, JIS
• Coal tar enamel / Bitumen
• Polyethylene tape wrapping
• Coal tar epoxy coating
• Polyurethane coating


Internal Coating / Lining conforming to AWWA, BS, JIS such as
• Liquid epoxy coating
• Cement lining
• others

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